Beloved Parish Priest Rev. Fr. S. Solomon
Peace of the Lord be with you all

Punnainagar parish is a shining parish in the tiny diocese of Kottar, Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu, India. The patroness of the Church at Punnainagar is Our Lady of Lourdes. The parishioners are happy and healthy by the intercession of Our Lady of Lourdes. I took the canonical possession of this parish as parish priest on 1st October 2017. Within a short period I noticed that hundreds of people every day visit this Church- school going children, college going students, office going employees, business people and senior citizens. The church is almost full even for daily Mass The parish is well administered by the Parish council elected by the parishioners and the office bearers co-operate with commitment and dedication. The parishioners are very generous to donate for the need of the Church. The involvement of the people in the liturgical services is very positive and they express their solidarity. To go one step further, the parishioners are interested in starting a website under the ID "". This will facilitate the people to know the important events of the parish and have touch with the parishioners live in abroad or in other states. I appreciate all those work technically for this endeavour. May Mother Mary intercede for us and protect us. God bles you all. With Love and prayers  Fr. S. Solomon